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[for example:] the Dutch race." "Polish isn't a race" Pick one. Luckily, our city goes until 4 am, so you’ve got more than enough time to get in as many of these events as possible. You’re trying to say goodbye to 2016 not your liver.

“I know this Derby crowd, I come here every year, and let me tell you one thing I’ve learned–this is no town to be giving people the impression you’re some kind of faggot. Shit, they’ll roll you in a minute, knock you in the head and take every goddam cent you have.” I thanked him and fitted a Marlboro into my cigarette holder. By midafternoon they’ll be guzzling mint juleps with both hands and vomitting on each other between races. At the first hint of trouble I’ll start pumping this ‘Chemical Billy’ into the crowd.” He had done a few good sketches, but so far we hadn’t seen that special kind of face that I felt we would need for a lead drawing.It's really nice to see professionals from the CS: GO scene act like autistic children....you have casters who are addicted to cocaine (cough Henry G), other casters getting herpes from girls they have slept with due to their fame (cough sadokist) and now the camera woman calling a polish guy a toilet cleaner in twitch chat....This Facebook post came just one day after Inside released the article titled “Katina Powell: Her Father Watched Her Adult Strip Shows“.It looks like Katina will join in with the Kentucky Wildcats fanbase on KRS Radio with Matt Jones, who loves to trash the Louisville Cardinals and Rick Pitino. WOW,,,, I WAS ASKED NOT TO ADDRESS THE SANCTION THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA SO I WILL BE DOING AN INTERVIEW TUESDAY WITH MATT JONES ON KSR RADIO…. “Look.” He tapped me on the arm to make sure I was listening. Thousands of raving, stumbling drunks, getting angrier and angrier as they lose more and more money.