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This letter has been approved by Michael Washington. There, I said myself that one to swindle me purely and simply!I recieve two to three of these in the mail every day. All these forms are most signed part of time(weather) by Mr. I estimate(appreciate) hardly that in the current economic situation of austerity, the florisse swindle again in United States - do not worry you, in France, we have ours but they are fast invited to appear in front of the courts! My Mothere in law has been receiving these Michael Washington Sweepstakes in the mail for at least two years now, all the same promises of millions of dollars for the twelve dollar processing fee and has received absolutely nothing except more letters from this so called sweepstakes..we have received many more offers from many othere companies many of which are signed off by Micheal Washington.Hopefully those that were expecting that money should at least get their processing/purchasing fee back from this fraudulent scam. I declined there offer while they persisted and continue to offer me them.

The staff and management of Binary Scam Alerts has decided that SPAM email marketing is probably the most prevalent and effective communications tool used for baiting and enticing innocent day traders to join what we believe to be fraudulent trading schemes designed to illegally steal your money.

It was signed by Michael Washington, Tracking manager. Letter also signed by Michael Washington the tracking manager. I took their letter and wrote them a note: "Please deduct the .99 from my winnings and send me the rest." I got another letter saying that they were ready to send me the money except that their Senior Account had noticed that:" ..an apparent oversight, I had neglected to send the .99". Oh wait it was guaranteed in JULY and STILL being GUARANTEED in DECEMBER?? Hello, I communicated number of forms accompanied with 20 € of cool(expenses) every time to gain(win) a 900.000-€ sum.

there is a one-time processing fee by cash check or money Order payable to A. This is sad that these people get away with these kind of scam as hard as times we are in today. Merry Christmas "Mike" (he was the DIRECTOR Of American Sweepstakes Publisher on my GUARANTEED form) Thanks to all who have my name is norma diaz i was also scam i sent them money never got nothing and i still recive every day letters telling me i won and need to respond fast but i just throw them away they still keep coming iam from tx I have the very same letter in front of me right now, only it says I have been approved for 1, 000, 000.00, if I hurry and send in the 12.00 processing fee. We certified me that I had won and I received from new number of forms the same that the others asking me again for 20-€ expenses.

The third type is where your information is simply given to another party in return for a favor or service provided instead of money having to change hands.

For example, if I am a broker and receive a lot of customers from one supplier it is very possible your contact information will end up in his hands as a kind of perk designed to retain that supplier.