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Tips for dating a triathlete

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Under the casual exterior is a calculating killjoy with mom issues.He'll stand at the bar, thinking, Why is that girl going for that dude over there? For many of us, training makes us better people every day.I was mostly kidding, but I think we both knew it to largely be true. Here’s my theory, which is loosely based on my associations with triathlete and marathoning friends over the years: we just have a different sense of relativity, slightly different tolerance for solitude and independence, and frequently a radically different neurohormonal profile, than the general populous.This only parallels the personal and professional changes we undergo as individuals over these dynamic years in life, which is why we shouldn't attach our relationship's identity to our sport.Relationships are hard enough to navigate but they can hit crisis mode quite easily when they rely on a shared sport, especially when one person suffers an injury, forcing a change in disciplines and challenging life as the couple knew it.

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A romance with a Nordic skier left me with a lower resting heart rate and knowing to wear my beanie low with the sunglasses on the outside.He replied with some snarky comment about “time spent in the saddle,” which I actually recall being quite clever and pun-ny. Sure, we may be the life of the party on the rare occasions we are out socializing. Or the fact that eventually, we need to balance out our 90% alone time with some human contact. I once saw a t-shirt at a local running shop that had the words “NO RUN = CRANKY MOODY” printed on it in large block print. We like our friends to be people who understand the value of setting personal goals and doggedly going after them, with perhaps seeming disregard for other aspects of life.This past summer and fall, in an attempt to unearth just what it is that makes us endurance junkies so “un-datable,” I conducted a rather unscientific social experiment: I went on 21 dates in 21 weeks, with 21 non-endurance athletes (a.k.a. Here’s what I discovered to be the top most misunderstood aspects of the endurance junkie’s lifestyle. We may seem extroverted because of our tendency to be outgoing when others are around. Either way, just be prepared for someone who likes to be a bit of a lone wolf. I felt relieved that clearly, I was not the only one to have experienced this phenomenon. A lot of triathlon lingo is centered around numbers, figures, and calculations. Needless to say, this typically isn’t considered very socially acceptable; women especially are deemed neglectful if they choose to pursue “hobbies” outside of family and even career.Since I’m single – this seemed like an appropriate thing to post.I stumbled on it a few weeks back posted elsewhere; but it’s funny enough to warrant a repost. The process of recovery included switching my athletic focus first to ultra running, then to adventure racing, and now it is merely a hodgepodge of activity.