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Updating custom firmware on psp

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PSP Custom Firmware For Dummies Some CFW upgrade guides dug up by Chaos Thanks to all recent contributors! 12/13/2008 Update: This thread was originally created to discuss the imminent release of 3.80 M33, which would also include the ability to update custom firmware using the built-in Network Update. It seems that this turned into a general M33 CFW thread. However, this post no longer hosts navanman's awesome CFW installation (via Pandora) tutorials. ~ For the purposes of this tutorial, I will be ripping and converting discs 1 and 2 of Enix's amazing Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. *) Obviously, you need only perform steps 1-6 once if you're ripping a single-disc game. Click on Settings (tool bar) and make sure that the proper Number of CDs is selected (should default to 2, perfect for Valkyrie Profile), Auto-Preview is Enabled, and Splash Screen is On. ISO for "Select second CD." 3) If you feel the need to lower the compression levels, you should adjust them now, per ISO, where it says "Compression Level." 4) Click on Choose to the right of where it says "Game Title" and "Game Code." Search for the name of your game and select it. Keep an eye on it, but don't touch anything until it finishes and prompts you to hit any key to close.

I've hit some kind of maximum size limit with this post, and as such, cannot mirror the tutorials in their entirety in this OP. If you'd like to view the complete tutorials, then please follow the links below this to the real deals. 7) You should see a command line window pop up as the conversion continues.

And this also means that if you want to use the plain Sony firmware, you just reboot the PSP and run Fast Recovery and there you go.

(Disclaimer: I don't actually have hands on experience with the PSP-3000, but this is how it works on the -1000 and -2000, and the developers say it works on the -3000 as well.) Great info!

Supports single-disc and multi-disc EBOOTs, as well as EBOOT customization and software manual creation. 3) On the left-hand frame, you should see a tree folder structure populate. Right-click on CD and select from the context menu the second option from the top (Extract CD ) then the last selection from the top of the resulting menu (RAW *.bin, *.iso) 4) You'll be prompted to choose the ISO's format, name the ISO, and select a location. An example: x:\PSP\GAME\VALKYRIE PROFILE 2) If you've located and downloaded (or created) a software manual (DOCUMENT.

Dark-Alex's POPSLoader Plugin - Download the one relevant to your custom firmware. DAT), it too must be placed in the same folder as the EBOOT.

You can either post it on this forum, OR better, report it over at the PRO's Google Page.

Would i have to wait a while before this software version or the next gets hacked and then i can upgrade to the cfw version?

I totally didn't notice how old the question was! The Auto-Preview should update on-the-fly and demonstrate what your PSP's screen will look like when you select the game. Sit tight as all of the ISOs are consolidated into a single EBOOT and the custom images and/or sounds are applied to it. 6) Verify the details, click on Browse under "Output Directory" to select a save-to location, and click on Make to start the conversion process.For the POPSLoader support, it offer quite similar function like the POPSLoader for GEN/M33 CFW, which is to increase the game compatibilities for PSX games, when playing it on your PSP. ================================================== - All PSP can use this CFW, however, which CFW you can use is depend on what firmware you have, as well the modules, especially for 3000.But, for the PRO(as well on ME) version, you have up to 6. - PSP with 6.20 can have permanent CFW - 6.39/6.60 can have permanent CFW, but only restricted to 1g, and 2g modules - As for the 6.35 user, you can only have non-permanent CFW, for now - If your PSP is on 6.3x/6.6x firmware, and want to downgrade to 6.20, you can follow this guide, but like always, there always restrictions for that, read it for more info.But just don't write thanks for PSP piracy x D Link: goo.gl/u AIPIY - What is Adrenaline?